How to Store Tea

Keep it Dry to Keep it Fresh

Tea Storage, How to Store TeaLuckily it is a lot easier to store tea than it is to store coffee. By its nature, tea is a lot more stable than fresh coffee. It is still important, however, to store your tea properly to keep it fresh.

Tea's worst enemy is moisture. The better you are able to keep moisture away from your loose tea or tea bags, the longer your tea will last. Since air contains water vapor (humidity), it's important to store your tea in an airtight container. Classic tea tins are perfect for storing tea, because tins are airtight and can be filled all the way to the top (no empty air space).

The Rules of Tea Storage:
1. Keep your tea dry (that means away from humidity also)
2. Put your tea in an airtight container and minimize empty air space inside
3. Store your tea in a cool, dry place
4. Loose high quality, large leaf tea for better shelf life
5. Tea bags...look for tea bags that are individually wrapped in foil wrap