Learn About Coffee

History of Coffee HISTORY OF COFFEE

Coffee has a long and storied past. You might be surprised how coffee has evolved from a crude, rustic beverage to one of the most sought after fine concoctions in the world. Learn how a goat herder named Kaldi changed the world forever.   [Go to "History of Coffee"]

Origins of Coffee, Where Coffee Comes From ORIGINS OF COFFEE (GROWING REGIONS)

As mentioned in our coffee history article, coffee was transplanted from Africa to all over the world. Today, coffee is grown in the regions known as the "coffee belt". Coffee requires a special environment to grow and prosper.   [Go to "Origins of Coffee"]

Coffee Filter Packs, Coffee Pillow Packs, Coffee Pods, Whole Bean Coffee PACKAGING OPTIONS FOR COFFEE

Whole bean coffee, ground coffee, vacuum sealed coffee, filter pack coffee, portion-pack coffee, coffee pods...the list goes on. We'll explain the endless packaging options available, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.   [Go to "Packaging Options"]

Coffee Roast Levels, Science of Coffee Roasting HOW TO ROAST COFFEE

Coffee is roasted to bring out the unique characteristics of each bean. Some say the roastmaster is like a father, helping shape the personality of the coffee and helping the coffee realize its potential. Explore the art and science of coffee roasting.   [Go to "How to Roast Coffee"]

How to Store Coffee, Store Fresh Coffee HOW TO STORE COFFEE

Storing your coffee properly is very important - stale coffee is not very desirable. If you follow our simple coffee storage guidelines, your coffee will stay fresher longer and brew a more flavorful cup every time.   [Go to "How to Store Coffee"]

How to Grind Coffee, Coffee Grinders HOW TO GRIND COFFEE

Choosing the right grind for your coffee doesn't have to be difficult. Whether you prefer a burr grinder or a blade grinder, we'll help you find the perfect grind size for brewing.   [Go to "How to Grind Coffee"]

How to Brew Perfect Coffee HOW TO BREW COFFEE

There are many different ways to brew coffee – even coffee connoisseurs spend hours arguing about the "best" way to brew coffee. We'll explain the different methods and help you choose the coffee brewing method that's right for you.   [Go to "How to Brew Coffee"]